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Checkmate ♥ || 이만. [:
27 April 2035 @ 07:08 pm

Please go here to know more about me.
Those are just the tip of the iceberg,
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Checkmate ♥ || 이만. [:
07 July 2009 @ 09:06 pm
Title: Peanut Butter & Jelly
Pairing: YunJae
Length: Drabble; 210
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Rating: PG
Warning/s: Yaoi? Un-beta’d.
I’ll have Yunho performing Checkmate with me if I owned them.
Summary: They just match.
A/N: Done while waiting for our Christian Living teacher to collect our quizzes. So done in about 10-15 minutes. And… I kind of beat around the bush in the middle part. xD

Just like peanut butter and jelly.Collapse )

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Checkmate ♥ || 이만. [:
06 June 2009 @ 04:10 am
Title: Bad Timing.
Pairing/s: YunJae, YooSu, Min and his "videos".
Author: iman-tan
Genre: Fluff, Crack (attempted, but failed. T____T)
Rating: R-13
Disclaimer: Jaejoong would be Yunho's mic stand in 9095 if I owned them. T____Tb
Warning: Language and some talks about sex.
Summary: Bad timing for some loving. And just when everything seemed better, it started to go wrong again.
A/N: Done in an hour. Un-beta'd. First time writing crack. I apologize for the major fail. :| Oh yeah, this was done at 3-4am in the morning so it may be monotonous. Dedicated to tofuvanilla22 just 'cause I love you~ ♥

“Oh, fuck. Just kiss —“before he could finish what he was saying, a pair of lips suddenly crashed onto his – a pair of lips making his mouth yearn for more, making him feel pleasure.Collapse )
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Checkmate ♥ || 이만. [:
16 April 2009 @ 01:46 am

Title: In the Arms of Another
Length: One-shot
Genre: Angst (I think. :P)
Paring: Yunho/OFC, DongHae/OFC (Note: same girl)
Warning/s: Un-beta'd.
Author's Note: First fic I ever considered posting... and it sucks. I am nervous right now considering that almost all of my LJ friends are great fanfic writers. *hides from you all* It's based on my friend's love life, and has the same plot as the drama Proposal Daisakusen, and the MV of Tohoshinki's Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou. And uhh, it lacks dialougue. :| Concrit and comments would be very appreciated! :)

Waitng proved to be the greatest challenge Yunho had to go through.Collapse )
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